The Arts Department at Regis is a multi-disciplinary department, with offerings in two distinct art forms and an academic discipline. Each is practice and technique-based. The objective of the department is to experience the arts in an authentic and personal manner, frequently utilizing the resources of New York City to supplement. The Arts Department creates opportunities for teamwork and collaboration in all courses. Students are encouraged to explore independent and creative thinking.  

Freshman year Studio Art explores a variety of media, while also exploring the historical context that gave rise to artistic styles and movements. In sophomore year, students explore music, art and design, cinematography, and editing while creating their own film. In junior year, two trimesters are devoted to European Music History and European Art History, and a third trimester is devoted to a studio exploration of Eastern and African Art. In senior year, electives are available in Music Theory, Studio Art, and Art History.

Through a Regian’s experience in the Arts Department, he will be able to recognize, critique, and interpret art works in various media as well as understand how to create artworks individually and collaboratively, while gaining knowledge and respect for the working artist.