The Regis academic program is a liberal arts curriculum for the 21st Century in the Jesuit tradition of educating the whole person. It is a curriculum vertically aligned to ensure that every student completes, at a considerable level of proficiency, a coherent and demanding sequence of college preparatory academic courses and rooted in Ignatian and Gospel values. Curriculum and instruction prepare students to be critical thinkers, providing them with knowledge, understanding, and skills to become socially responsible global citizens and imaginative Catholic leaders in their future, chosen professions.

The academic curriculum is distinctive in that all courses are intensive and accelerated; largely standard for all students in their first three years, students are allowed an unusual measure of responsibility and self-direction as they advance through independent study, unscheduled time, and individualized instruction.  Incoming freshmen, however, choose their language courses and there is accelerated math placement for qualifying students. Students who want to take the College Board’s Advanced Placement exams are encouraged to do so after taking the required school courses in the rigorous Regis curriculum.  Seniors are required to take English and Theology courses which are chosen from a variety of electives; their remaining electives are chosen from any discipline or interdisciplinary field.