Art Club
The Art Club's goal is to explore the visual arts at Regis. We hold meetings for students to utilize the resources of the Art Room to work on any personal or school art projects. The focus of these meetings is to expand Regians' appreciation of art and skills, while relaxing and decompressing. Students can draw, paint, sculpt, etc. Snacks help with the relaxing part, too. To build upon student engagement with art, we plan exhibit trips throughout the year. Within Regis, we serve the design-oriented needs of other clubs, such as creating logos or adverts. Art Club also is continuing to discover ways we can use art as something greater; we've been involved with the Memory Project, in which we create portraits for children facing hardships around the world, and we enjoy creating pieces for the annual Regis auction.

Coffee House (Open-Mike Performances)

Classical Music Society
Classical Music Society wants to be welcoming to all musicians. The club always makes sure to tell everyone that it isn't snobby about what it plays and just wants to have fun. Classical Musical Society gladly invites anyone to come to its workshops to play, listen, and just hang out with each other.

Comedy Club
Comedy Club is a great place to take a break from all the stress of Regis and just have a laugh. You can also learn a thing or two about public speaking and improvisation while you’re at it.

John Loose Film Society
We decide on a movie to watch. Each member, on his own time, watches that movie and comes to a community time meeting ready to discuss the film at hand.

Glee Club
Glee Club is Regis's club for singers of all skill levels. We meet during community times to practice for various upcoming musical events by going through the sheet music and learning the vocal lines of songs we've selected to perform. Usually we hold one practice per song, with a "dress rehearsal" right before the show. Regular events that Glee Club participates in include the Christmas Tree Lighting and the Spring Concert. Additionally, we are hoping to perform at Coffeehouses and hold our own concerts going forward.

Hearn (Speech & Debate Team)
Members of the Hearn compete against other schools at more than 40 speech and debate contests annually. Most contests are held locally under the auspices of the New York Catholic Forensic League and the National Forensic League, but the Hearn also participates in a number of national invitational competitions throughout the United States. Most of the society’s members compete in the various categories of speech: extemporaneous speaking, original oratory, dramatic interpretation, oral interpretation of literature, duo interpretation, and declamation.

Other members of the Hearn devote their time to Lincoln-Douglas debate. In this category, contestants are expected to argue the merits of a proposition of value, which is announced a few weeks prior to the competition. Although members compete individually, the debaters prepare for contests by meeting as a group daily, in order to construct affirmative and negative cases.

Read more about the Hearn here.

Jazz Club
Jazz Club meets every Monday to play jazz. We perform at several events throughout the year, including at the Christmas Tree Lighting, Spring Concert, Auction, and Coffeehouses. The club is open to anyone who wants to play or listen to jazz and aims to provide a space for Regians to relax, unwind, and express their musical creativity.

Liturgical Music Club
Liturgical Music Club is composed of the Schola and instrumentalists. We perform at all the school-wide Masses throughout the year, and we usually rehearse at least three times before each Mass. Anyone who is interested in singing or playing at Mass is welcome to join. No prior experience is needed, just a desire to engage with the liturgy and enrich the worship experience through music.

Photography Club
Photography Club strives to create a community of photographers at every level, whether they’re using a phone camera or a DSLR. Weekly presentations give Regians the opportunity to both learn from and teach one another, and the photography contests the group holds give the whole student body a chance to explore their creative sides in a competitive setting.

Regis Repertory
The Regis Repertory puts on major stage performances at Regis, both musical and dramatic. Its objective is to encourage and provide a home for drama and musical activities of all kinds. In addition to actors and performers, students use their talents to support the Rep in other ways, including stage crew, lighting, band/chorus, and costuming. Read more about the Regis Repertory here.