The Regis Math Department offers a four-year sequence of courses designed to challenge students and prepare them for college level work in mathematics. The standard freshman year course introduces students to the principles of deductive logic through the study of Euclidean Geometry, with an additional review of some basic concepts in algebra. During their sophomore year, Regis students study Algebra II, and work their way through a curriculum covering quadratic, transcendental, and rational functions.

The junior year course, Pre-calculus, takes a look at Trigonometry, Probability, Sequences and Series, and begins to explore some of the key ideas in Calculus. Finally, in their senior year, students are given a variety of options, including Calculus and Statistics, from which to choose.

Regis also offers an advanced series of courses for a small number of students who enter Regis with a strong mastery of mathematics from their middle school programs.  A placement exam is offered prior to entry to assess appropriate placement for our students.   The advanced class covers both Geometry and Algebra II during their freshman year, Pre-calculus during their sophomore year, Calculus during their junior year, and finally Calculus II and Multivariable Calculus during their senior year.

Throughout all four years of math study at Regis, students are challenged to not simply repeat processes and techniques, but to become more able thinkers and creative problem solvers.