The young man who begins his four years of high school at Regis has manifested high intellectual ability and academic potential.  He excelled in elementary school, and his performance on the Regis entrance examination placed him well within the top ten percent of the nation’s students of his age group.  He has also demonstrated other interests and capabilities in school, parish and neighborhood activities.  He thus brings to the Regis experience the promise of significant attainments as a scholar and a person.

Regis hopes to assist this talented young person to become a committed Christian whose love for Jesus Christ and his people motivates him to share his gifts and himself in the service of others.

What follows is a portrait of what a Regis graduate may have accomplished and become at the end of four years if our expectations have been fully realized.  We acknowledge the gifts and talents with which he has been endowed, and we work to provide him with the knowledge, training and challenges commensurate with his high level of ability.

In assisting him on the passage through adolescence to the threshold of young adulthood, we hope to see a Regis graduate emerge as a young man prepared to act further upon a commitment to excellence in the use of his talents and in the pursuit of an ideal.  We want him to be ready to pursue that commitment as it affects the lives of other people.  The Regis graduate should be someone who can best be described as “a man for others”, a Christian humanist who would share with others the gifts he has been given and, above all, the gift of himself. We believe that he has an important contribution to make to others and to society, and we welcome our role in helping him make that contribution.

The Profile of a Regis Student at Graduation serves to plot the outline of a realistically attainable goal.  As with any high formational objective, it will not always be attained -- certainly not in all cases and perhaps not fully in any one graduate.  The existence of such a statement of vision, however, helps clarify our direction as educators as we reflect upon what we do and what we think it desirable and possible for us to achieve.  As an aid to precision only, we have summed up the qualities of this graduate under five headings: Open to Growth, Intellectually Proficient, Religious, Loving, and Committed to Doing Justice.

Open to Growth:

By graduation, the Regis High School student has an understanding of his unique worth and a perception of his strengths and limitations.  Desiring to expand his self-knowledge, he approaches the future hopefully and humbly and is eager to explore the promise it holds for sustained growth.

Intellectually Proficient:

By graduation the Regis High School student has a growing appreciation for the intellectual life.  He has already experienced many of the satisfactions that derive from intellectual pursuits, and has mastered the learning skills appropriate for a person of his age and development.  He has encountered ideas and emotions expressed with beauty and power.  He has been summoned to refinement of perception and disciplined thinking.  He has a more mature grasp of his cultural heritage.  New possibilities for self-expression have been opened up, together with growing appreciation of those other worlds which have contributed to and shaped his own.  The experience of being sensitized to beauty has unlocked his potential for original and creative self-expression.  And his knowledge of Catholic tradition has been deepened within the context of his growing capacity for mature faith.  The prospect of expanding and deepening his knowledge is exciting, and he accepts the challenge to employ the tools of learning for a fuller understanding of himself and his world.


By graduation the Regis High School student has grown in his fundamental orientation toward God and toward the Christian community.  He has a good knowledge of the heritage and teachings of the Catholic Church; he realizes that commitment to Christ and to others within and outside the Church should be based on personal acceptance of the gift of faith; and he has an emerging conviction that so great a gift must be shared.


By graduation, the Regis High School student is growing in his self-acceptance and recognition that he is loved by God and others. He demonstrates a willingness to deepen relationships by communicating his joys and struggles, trusting his networks of support, and embracing the sacred complexity of the lives surrounding him. Freely he returns these gifts of love to his expanding community by cultivating lifelong virtues of empathy, kinship, and service.

Committed to Doing Justice

By graduation, the Regis High School Student has acquired considerable knowledge of the many needs of local, national, and global communities. Desiring to take a place in these communities as a concerned and responsible adult committed to doing justice, he is developing his awareness and the skills necessary to live as a person for and with others.