Immersion Experiences

Our formative work extends beyond the doors of 84th street. In an effort to better reach out to a global community in need, Regis offers several immersion opportunities. Our work at the U.S. Mexico Border, in the beautiful waters of Belize, and the turbulent heat of Africa has allowed for students to be better educated on the needs of others. Students will be able to confront injustice and decide how to act. Each moment of culture and diversity will encourage students to better stand in solidarity with the vulnerable in our world.

Mustard Seed (Jamaica)

Our Caribbean service trip travels to the Mustard Seed Community’s Blessed Assurance compound in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This immersion experience builds hope for the most vulnerable of citizens through the sharing of Jesus’ love. This ministry calls for charitable works of mercy focused on building community and serving residents of the community who may be unable to support themselves. Each encounter brought on a unique opportunity for relationship building through feeding meals to those unable to, praying with and for residents who face physical limitations or constructing physical improvements on the compound. The well-being of every resident of Blessed Assurance allows for students to fully dedicate themselves and unlock an empathy that is reflective of God’s love for us.

Kino Border Initiative

Our newest immersion experience focuses on immigration issues across the United States and Mexico Border. KBI has offered eye-opening, informative, and reflective Immersion Experiences where students are able to spend time with migrants, learn from their stories, and understand the broader context of the border and immigration. Fortunately, the Kino Border Initiative has been able to adapt their immersion experience to offer Virtual Immersion Experiences, transferring the essence of an in-person experience to the screen where trip participants virtually “cross” the border to Nogales, Sonora to meet with migrants, tour our resource center, accompany the Kino team in providing humanitarian services, as well as participate in sessions that allow them to chat migrants in the US, “hike” in the desert, converse with ranchers in a rural town in southern Arizona, and reflect on legal issues and the immigration system. Over the course of the trip, there are spaces for reflection on the experiences and times to plan follow-up activities and action steps. 

Kibera (Nairobi, Kenya)

The Kibera Immersion Trip challenges participants to lead and serve students from the St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School in Nairobi, Kenya. This trip is reserved for Seniors who have displayed an active involvement and interest in service and ministry. The mission statement of St. Al’s emphasizes “a quality education in a caring environment to bright orphans of Kibera, through scholarships and enriched programmes for character formation”. In association with the expectation of character formation is the work of our immersion trip  that brings formative spiritual experiences to the students of St. Al’s. Participants will be responsible for facilitating and collaborating on multiple retreat opportunities while building connections with Kenyan students. In addition to their work at St. Al’s, students will have the opportunity to explore and learn of the beauty of Africa. 

Working Boys Center (Quito, Ecuador)

Our work at the Working Boys Center in Quito, Ecuador offers students the natural beauty of the Andes Mountains, the large capital city of Quito, the quaint small towns and their colorful markets, as well as the juxtaposed poverty one finds in this breathtaking developing country. This is a unique opportunity to be in communion with and serve the most vulnerable of the vulnerable. The Center was founded by Father John Halligan, S.J. to help street children and has now become a holistic family development center with a clinic and school attached. Since its inception, WBC has developed a nursery school, adult education programs, a loan and healthcare  initiative program for Ecuadorian families. Regis students work side by side with the Center’s full time volunteers tutoring, supervising recreation, and accompanying the Center’s clients at meals and mass. Regians have the opportunity to join the larger network of “A Family of Families''.