Course of Studies

All Students are required to study 4 years of English and Theology, 3 years of Social Studies, Foreign Language, Math, Science, 2 years of Computer Science and Arts, and 1 year of Speech. Arts, Computer Science, and Speech/Writing are half unit courses; all others are full unit courses. Science Research Project (SRP) is an elective program.

Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors
English I (World Lit) English II (American Lit) English III (Close Reading and Critical Writing) English IV (Electives)
Theology I
(Revelation of Jesus and Church History)
Theology II (Scripture) Theology III (Christian Morality) Theology IV (Electives)
Social Studies I (Global Studies & Western Civilization) Social Studies II (American History & American Studies) Social Studies III (Modern European History) Elective
Foreign Language I* (Chinese, French, Latin, Spanish, or German for 3 years) Foreign Language II (Intermediate) Foreign Language III (Advanced) Elective
Math 9* (Geometry or Geometry & Algebra II) Math 10 (Algebra II or Pre-Calculus) Math 11 (Pre-Calculus or Calculus) Elective
Science I (Biology) Science II (Chemistry) Science III (Physics) Elective
Computer Science I Computer Science II Choice of Arts or Computer Science Elective Elective
Arts I (Studio Art) Arts II (Music and Art History-American Studies Themed) Choice of Arts or Computer Science Elective Elective
Physical Education Physical Education/Health Physical Education Physical Education
Guidance I Guidance II Guidance III Guidance IV
Speech Science Research
Science Research
Science Research

* A placement test determines the level at which Freshmen begin language and mathematical studies. 

Senior Year Students, in First and Second Trimesters, must elect three courses from among those offered by the Social Studies, Language, Math, Science, Arts, or Computer Science Departments. They must also "select" an elective offered by the English and Theology Departments. Many students elect to take a sixth course in Senior Year, which can be an Independent Study Project.

In recent years, senior elective offerings have included courses such as...

Biblical Christology
Catholics and American Politics
Job, Science, and Tending to Death
Catholic Religious Biography
Political Theory and Philosophy
Environmental Theology
Religious Themes in Film
Theologies of the Oppressed
Christian America and the Rise of White Nationalism
Faith through Fiction and Film
Historical Christology
Religion and Law
Foundations of Catholic Thought
The Ignatian Way
Saints and Sinners
Second Vatican Council and Pope Francis
Psychoanalysis and Religion
Bioethics and the Future of Humanity

Advanced Biology
Advanced Chemistry
Advanced Physics
Anatomy & Physiology
Introduction to Psychology

Accelerated Calculus
Intro to Multivariable Calculus
Abstract Algebra

Social Studies

History of New York
Constitution and Government
Gilded America
History of Japan
The Renaissance
The Wrath of Khans
Contemporary Social & Political Issues
History of the Cold War

Financial Accounting

Computer Science
Java Programming
Artificial Intelligence

Vocal Music
Modern Art and History
Senior Arts Figuring Reality

Baldwin & Co: Writing the Black 20th Century
Damaged Voices
International Magic
The Art of the Personal Essay
The Russian Hero
Shakespearean Masculinities
Theater in New York
Writing Social Justice
Deconstructing the Detective
Gender and Power: Dystopia or Utopia?
Graphic Novels
Migration Literature
Nature as Protagonist: Climate in Recent Fiction
Nabokov's Terrifying Beauty
Priestly Novels
Knights, Magic and Monsters

Foreign Language
Foreign Language IV & V


In the Third Trimester of Senior Year, students choose one of three possible programs/options:

Academic Option
Elective choices similar to First and Second Trimesters with one morning at a service site and the afternoon back at Regis for a social justice seminar.

Christian Service Option
Full-time Christian Service at a service site with one afternoon back at Regis for a social justice seminar.

Social Justice Entrepreneur Option
Two and a half days of full-time Christian Service at a service site with one afternoon back at Regis for a social justice senimar and two full days of independent, academic work.