Physical Education

The Physical Education program at Regis aims to have a lifelong effect on the students of the school. Students are taught to see the importance of health and physical fitness in any adult lifestyle; moreover, they are taught to see the impact of physical health on mental and emotional health.

With this in mind, the program develops in students an awareness of biomechanical and physiological principles. More than that, the program aims to develop attitudes that will translate into an ongoing commitment to physical fitness, hopes to foster an appreciation of athletic performance, and aims to promote an enjoyment of physical activity. Students are introduced to a wide variety of games and activities during the course of physical education classes; these include cardiovascular & strength training, physical fitness testing, soccer, flag football, team handball, basketball, gymnastics, floor hockey, tchoukball, volleyball, badminton, pickleball, fencing, ultimate Frisbee, and tai chi. The goal is that students will continue to pursue these and other physical activities later in life. In this sense, the program wants students to learn how to make intelligent and active use of their leisure time. At the same time, the program recognizes that physical activity should be enjoyable and offers an important balance to the intellectual demands of the academic program. Moreover, participation in physical activity provides valuable social opportunities. In this regard, the program emphasizes team sports and places great importance on teamwork and sportsmanship.

Finally, the program has immediate, short-term goals for its students. Through a regular program of exercise and activity, it aims to develop the physical fitness of every student; it also aims to develop skills and coordination as appropriate to the student’s needs and desires. A large emphasis is placed on the new Presidential Youth Fitness Test, which includes assessments of strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. Freshman and sophomore classes meet twice a week (once for an hour, and once for 75 minutes). A typical class combines exercise, instruction, and active play. Classes are held in the Regis gyms or, weather permitting, in Central Park. In junior and senior years, students meet twice a week for an hour; again, classes feature exercise, instruction, and play in the gyms or outdoors. Juniors and seniors may also elect to take after-school classes in tai chi, fencing, ultimate Frisbee, as well as individual fitness programs.