Service-Based Programs

Campus Ministry Retreat Leader Program
At Regis, students develop a commitment to social justice and work for a kinder and gentler world, becoming men for others and men whose love of God results in a love of neighbor — especially the least and the last among us. To that end, students are invited to participate in a variety of aspects of religious life at the school. Over their four years, Regians have the opportunity to attend and lead religious retreats, embark on immersion projects across the country, work at service sites throughout New York City, and serve as peer ministers.

Catalyst (Christian Service Club)
Catalyst, Regis's Christian Service Club, provides students the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in their local and global community through leadership and service. Led by a team of six seniors, two faculty moderators, and over two-dozen committee chairmen, the club engages nearly one third of the Regis student body in more than 20 initiatives in areas ranging from teaching and tutoring, fundraising, environmental work, and outreach to the homeless.

Catalyst’s main efforts include Kibera, an initiative that funds scholarships for St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya, and Zotung, a partnership with the Zotung Refugee Catholic Learning Center, a school for Catholic Burmese refugees in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which Regis supports through virtual teaching, one-on-one tutoring, and fundraising. More local initiatives include Midnight Run, an event hosted 2–4 times per year in which a group of members prepare and deliver food and supplies to the homeless, and Sunny Jam Sandies, a bimonthly activity that engages dozens of members in sandwich-making for New York Common Pantry.

Jogues Society
Jogues Society is Regis’s altar server and lector group. The club serves at school-wide and daily masses.

Kino Teens
Each summer, this group of Regians goes on a week-long immersion trip at the U.S.-Mexico border organized by the Kino Border Initiative, a Jesuit organization supporting migrants. Kino Teens advocates for humane immigration policy through letter-writing campaigns to appeal to elected representatives and spreads awareness in the community.

Student Advisor Program
The Student Advisor Program is a mentor program that pairs freshmen with junior leaders to provide support to students as they transition to Regis life in their first two trimesters. Leaders apply and are selected during the third trimester of the sophomore year. Those chosen to be Student Advisors, otherwise known as Jaspers, will also serve as retreat leaders.