Clubs/Interest Groups

Aerospace Club
The Aerospace Club’s mission is to promote the study of concepts related to flight and space exploration. Some interesting projects it has worked on include budgeting and designing a mock liquid rocket engine, testing an acrylic booster, developing code for orbital simulations, and constructing space capsule recovery parachutes. Members frequently volunteer to present concepts ranging from technical topics like rocket nozzle design, engine cooling, and aerodynamics to analyzing the economics of SpaceX. Aerospace Club has even invited special guests to speak about their careers studying rover technology. The club welcomes everyone, whether they are interested in an aerospace career or not. After all, it’s only rocket science!

Amate Vitam
Amate Vitam is Regis's pro-life club. We learn and discuss various issues pertaining to defending the right to life from conception until natural death.

Anime Club
The Regis Anime Club is a very laid-back club in which students democratically choose which anime to watch either before or during the meeting. Once the viewing commences, attendees are free to do whatever they please, whether that means enjoying the atmosphere while doing homework or simply watching the anime. When a big-name anime movie comes to theaters in America, the club tries to schedule a time and date that is convenient for most attendees to visit the AMC theater in Times Square to watch it. The Anime Club is a very underclassmen-friendly environment, and we gladly welcome newcomers and veterans to anime alike.

Apiary Society
The Regis Apiary Society (known lovingly to its members as "Bee Club") is Regis's sweetest club. Taking advantage of the green roof to host two hives of honey bees, members inspect the colonies, extract honey, and learn about bees.

Aquatic Science Club
Aquatic Science Club is a space for fish and animal lovers to dive deep into the marine biology field. We look at Cyanobacteria and marine plant cells under microscopes, discuss our favorite species of fish and coral, and most importantly, maintain the SRC fish tank. It is a fun club that offers many research and lab opportunities.

Astronomy Society
Right now, we’re standing on a rotating space rock spinning around a giant ball of nuclear fusion surrounded by a vast sea of darkness. Members of Astronomy Society have an unfaltering curiosity to help illuminate this darkness and further their understanding of the universe. Says Neil Degrasse Tyson: “We are stardust brought to life, then empowered by the universe to figure itself out — and we have only just begun.”

Broadcasting Club
The Broadcasting Club serves as another way for students to get involved in Regis sports. This comes in the form of student-led broadcasts and camera work for numerous Regis athletic events. With a new camera system at Regis and broadcast equipment for prominent events such as the basketball tripleheader against Xavier, the opportunity is greater than ever for students to be “on the call” for their classmates.

Business Club
Business Club provides an opportunity for students who are interested in entrepreneurship to meet other like-minded individuals. The club works to teach students about various business strategies and plans and give them opportunities to discuss business news with others. Additionally, Business Club enrolls its members into national entrepreneurship competitions where members work with one another to pitch business ideas. Business Club believes the best way to create entrepreneurs is through experience.

Chess Club
Every Friday in room 408, you will hear laughter, the swift movements of pawns, and a community of people eager to play chess. Regis's Chess club promotes a culture where students of all grade levels, skill levels, and walks of life join to play the sport they love (yes, chess is a sport!). From local club tournaments to inter-school tournaments, we utilize a peer-to-peer-based collaboration method to enhance the means by which we play chess. Don't have any prior experience playing chess? Do not be afraid to join, as many are still learning.

Chi-Rho (Christian Reading Group)
Chi-Rho is the Christian reading group. Each year we read and discuss a classic religious text. Past books include The Confessions, by St. Augustine; Jesus of Nazareth, by Pope Benedict XVI; Introduction to the Devout Life, by St. Francis de Sales; and Leisure, the Basis of Culture, by Josef Pieper.

Classics Club
We examine ancient history and culture in a fun way. Our favorite outing is the annual Latin-themed outing to the Bronx Zoo.

Computer Club
Computer Club comprises both CyberPatriot Club and Robotics Club.

CyberPatriot Club prepares students for multiple rounds of competition with schools from across the country. The competitions are sponsored by the Air Force Association, an organization created by the Air Force that promotes strong U.S. leadership in cyberdefense and aerospace engineering. In each competition, club members find and fix security vulnerabilities from Windows to Linux, all while having fun, learning many new things, and eating a lot of pizza.

Robotics Club competes in the FIRST Tech Challenge, a robotics competition pitting teams of students against each other to build their own robots. To do this, members learn how to use 3D modeling programs to design and build the robot alongside Java coding to program the robot’s movements. In addition, the club raises money through sponsors and fundraisers to register and buy new parts throughout the year. Robotics Club’s goal is to make it back to States (with a functioning robot for once).

Cycling Club
Cycling Club is a fresh club with big plans. The club looks to start off the year cycling around the Central Park bike loop and engage in different parts of the city. Cycling Club aims to organize unique activities like scavenger hunts to familiarize members with different parts of the city and dedicate resources (primarily from club members) to serve underprivileged communities, with plans for free cycling lessons and repairs. The club plans to hold associated events with Catalyst and the JFR Committee, potentially hosting a Bike to Regis Day.

Economics Society
Economics Club meets weekly to discuss/argue the validity of various economic principles and the current state of the world economy. In past meetings, the club has discussed supply chain issues, labor in the developing world, and the morality of various economic systems.

Engineering Club
Engineering Club’s mission is to promote awareness of engineering principles and careers. Some interesting projects the club has worked on include working on a foam blaster robot, preparing a design for a UV light hotel tower rack, and soldering circuits. Members lead workshops on electrical engineering, CAD modeling, 3-D printing, and much more. In the past, groups have been able to visit the Columbia University CNC lab. Additional trips and work on autonomous Raspberry Pi cars are being planned for the future.

eSports Club
Esports Club offers opportunities for Regis gamers to compete. The club hosts Regis tournaments with many games and different consoles. Esports Club’s ultimate goal is to foster a competitive and successful team that can compete against other schools across the nation

Fashion Club
Be it designing clothes or discussing the latest catwalk, Fashion Club does it all — as long as it’s related to clothing and fashion. Regardless of ability or knowledge, it’s a place to develop life skills such as sewing, knitting, and judging other people’s clothing.

Finance Club
What's the difference between a stock and a bond? Where to start if you’re interested in pursuing a career in investment banking? Why should you learn the basics of investing? Have you ever thought about these questions, even in the slightest? If so, Regis's Finance Club is the place for you. From simple club meetings about how to effectively use credit cards to global competitions hosted by the Wharton School of Business at UPenn, we are a tight-knit community that ensures everyone acquires the necessities for managing personal finances. We host many guest speakers and Regis alums working in the finance industry to understand what such a career would entail. No prior experience related to finance or investing is necessary to join this club. Everyone is welcome!

Flight Club
The Regis Flight Club seeks to teach the fundamentals of flying and pilot skills in an enjoyable and relaxed environment, in which members will experience flying scenarios with a top-of-the-line flight simulator. In the Flight Club, members apply physics, aerodynamics, and meteorology concepts to the real world situations that pilots experience during flight. In addition, members are able to familiarize themselves with the most common flying procedures and maneuvers utilized in private aviation.

Foreign Policy Club
Foreign Policy Club is a venue for students to discuss relevant international issues in a nonpartisan environment with their peers. Values-driven discourse is central to FP Club, encompassing who we are and the impact we hope to create. Inviting speakers from the diplomatic community and drawing on students for topic-specific presentations, Foreign Policy Club is committed to hearing a variety of perspectives that encompass the nuance and complexity of the modern world. Foreign Policy Club is committed to education, rigorous debate, and advocacy, and it hopes to inspire Regians to engage pressing international challenges on a high level. FP Club aspires to help shape individuals who are both aware of the challenges the modern world faces and dedicated to peace and justice on a global scale.

Formula 1 Club
Formula 1 Club has weekly meetings where members discuss the races that took place the past weekend, the on- and off-track drama, predictions, hot takes, and more. While focused primarily on F1, the club has discussed Indycar, NASCAR, Formula E, and endurance racing. Motorsport exists at the intersection between intensity, drama, technology, and pure speed. All of those elements are explored in F1 Club.

Games Club
Games Club is committed to providing a space for Regians to de-stress and enjoy video games together. Every Friday we come together and play a game selected by popular vote while having snacks. We occasionally host video game tournaments for all to enjoy. Anyone can stop by, from hardcore gamers to casual players. The Board Games Club and Ping Pong Club are both part of Games Club.

Every Friday after school, members of Board Games Club come together to relax and unwind from the school week. Members play all sorts of games, from traditional strategy-based board games such as Risk and Catan to comedic card party games such as Exploding Kittens and Telestrations. Board Games Club strives to provide an outlet free of the stresses of academic life for students to connect with one another.

Regis’s Ping Pong Club can be a lighthearted place to relax on a Friday afternoon or a competitive environment for elite players; it’s up to you. The club sets up tables in Room 511 every Friday to play some ping pong and sometimes even loses a ball or two out the window.

HeForShe Club
HeForShe promotes feminism at Regis through weekly meetings on Wednesdays (during community time or after school) in the Art Room or Large Conference Room. We also host inter-school collaborative meetings as often as possible.

Hip-Hop Society
The purpose of Regis's Hip Hop Society is to listen, study, and stand for the hip-hop and rap community. The club discusses new and upcoming events within the rap community, such as album releases and tour dates. Members also look at the influence rap has on society and communities, as well as at important and influential figures in hip-hop today and in the past. The club also highlights historically underrepresented populations, such as women, within the rap community and discusses their influence and contributions to the community and culture. We take what used to be a frowned upon genre of music that now is one of the most polarizing forms of art and take time to appreciate and commemorate the artistry, work, and turmoil that it and its people have undergone to become the influential force it is today. The club can both have fun and discuss important themes and topics within our weekly meetings on Fridays, and it welcomes all with open ears and arms.

Math Club
The Math Club gives students the opportunity to explore math beyond their curriculum, covering topics including geometry, algebra, number theory, probability and combinatorics, and infinite series. The Math Club competes at the state, national, and international levels in contests such as the American Mathematics Competition, New York Math League, Math Madness, and the Purple Comet Math Meet. In the past year, the Math Club has experienced growth in participation and looks to invite alumni guest speakers and visit the National Museum of Mathematics to further engage students in math.

Medical Science Club
In the Medical Science Club, students perform dissections, host presentations, and compose articles for Regis’s science publication, The Finch. Many view Med-Sci as a fun and engaging way to learn about all things science, as well as a valued resource for their future careers. Notable speakers include Regis alumni, medical professionals, and members of the faculty and staff. To provide some hands-on experience, Med-Sci also spearheaded the Regis COVID-19 clinical lab.

Mock Trial
NYS Mock Trial is a program under the New York State Bar Association in which high school students gain first-hand knowledge of civil/criminal law and courtroom procedures. A team of 12 (three attorneys and three witnesses for both the prosecution and defense) formulate arguments based on a universal case distributed in winter in order to compete with other schools in front of actual New York judges. In addition to legal knowledge, team members develop their argumentative and public-speaking abilities.

Model U.N.
Model U.N. is a community-driven simulation of the internal functions of the United Nations. We meet weekly, alternating between two meeting types: conferences and planning sessions. During planning sessions, club members come with topic suggestions, and after some discussion, they are voted on. After a topic is chosen, countries are randomly assigned, and we adjourn for the day. Over the course of the week, members are expected to research their nation’s position on the topic and prepare for discussion. During conferences members debate, discuss, and draft resolutions aimed at the topic. Resolutions can involve anything from peacekeeper deployments to economic sanctions, and members are forced to seek out allies if they want their resolutions to succeed. Model U.N. is a great opportunity to practice public speaking and learn about international politics. Members must adapt from conference to conference, gaining a deeper understanding of the various perspectives held by different countries.

Mythology Club
This club is for those of us who enjoy mythology of all types — Greek, Chinese, Vodou, etc. Mostly, we play Kahoots or have discussions about our favorite movies/resources/characters related to mythology. Our overall purpose is to nerd out and learn the historical aspects that led to the creation of a pantheon.

Philosophy Club
Philosophy Club is a club that meets to discuss topics from ethics to metaphysics to politics and everything in between. What purpose does this serve? What is purpose? Is there any such thing? Why do we use sardonic wit to cover up our lack of anything substantial to say? Only our members know. Philosophy Club also hosts Regis’s Ethics Bowl team, which competes in the National High School Ethics Bowl. Join to investigate and deliberate.

Quiz Bowl
Quiz Bowl is a trivia competition in which teams from different schools face each other and attempt to answer questions about pretty much any topic. Questions are asked verbally, and the first person to buzz in and answer correctly gains their team 10 points. If you answer wrong, your team loses 5 points and cannot answer again until the next question. The questions can be about almost anything, but they usually fall into the categories of science, art, literature, history, music, or math. Normally tournaments are held at high schools or universities.

Regis ECO
Climate change is the existential threat to our generation. The Regis Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) is made up of Regians passionate about addressing climate change and fighting for environmental justice. From evaluating Regis’s carbon footprint to taking part in climate advocacy work beyond 84th Street, Regis ECO is on a mission to make Regis and our city greener.

Ricci Young Scholars
The Ricci Young Scholars is a cultural leadership and exchange program between students at Regis, Dominican Academy, and Nanjing Foreign Language School in China. Ricci meets primarily over Zoom about twice a month. The mission of the Ricci Young Scholars program is to equip the brightest high school students in our two countries with an understanding of each other and an interest and capacity to collaborate to accomplish great things now and throughout their lives.

Rock Climbing Club
The Regis Rock Climbing Club is a recreational club providing a fun and adventurous way to de-stress. The club also offers an opportunity to hang out with friends while exercising. All are welcome, and no experience is necessary. The club climbs at nearby Steep Rock Bouldering East every other week.

Sailing Club
The Sailing Club meets to discuss nautical terminology, rules of the waterway, and coastal geography, as well as the history of sailing and strategies employed during competition. The Regian crew takes advantage of New York’s waterways by sailing from the Financial District around the Statue of Liberty.

Science Bowl
The Regis Science Bowl team explores a wide range of science-related disciplines including biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, energy, and math. The team practices for nationwide academic competitions that test students’ knowledge in all areas of science and mathematics. The club faces off against teams from other schools in a fast-paced question-and-answer format. In past years, the team has participated extensively in regional competitions, one year placing third in nationals.

Science Olympiad
The Regis Science Olympiad team competes in the New York City North Region Tournament (Division C). Team members work together in a variety of science-based test, lab, and build events covering topics ranging from epidemiology to astronomy to hands-on physics build events.

Sci-Fi Club
The Sci-Fi Club is a newer group, yet it has already developed into a large and extremely active community loved by each and every one of its members. Members write, watch, and discuss works of science fiction and take trips to the movies. With its own newspaper (The Mockingjay), the Science Fiction Club is meeting its ultimate goals: to be an exciting and active community welcoming all science fiction lovers with open arms.

Sports Analytics Club
Sports Management & Analytics Club investigates both the analytical and business aspects of the sports industry for those aspiring to work in the field someday. Through informative presentations, riveting debates and conversations, and guest speakers who work in the sports industry, the club explores what goes on behind the scenes, including agent and contract negotiations, front office management, financial considerations in team valuations, sports medicine, and sports journalism.

Student Government
Student Government serves as a conduit of communication between students and administration. Student questions and concerns, as they are articulated in weekly government meetings, are expressed directly to the Assistant Principal for Student Life and other administrators. Student Government is also responsible for communicating administrative responses to the students via their representatives. In addition, Student Government is expected to generate all the good stuff that will better student life and community engagement, primarily through dances and school spirit events. Read more about Student Government here.

Survival Club
Survival Club is a student-led educational group that strives to teach students valuable life skills, specifically skills to thrive in the outdoors or in emergency situations. Think of a school-exclusive and less-uniformed Boy Scouts. Attendees will learn about edible wild plants and have opportunities to practice foraging in Central Park. The importance of proper tools and equipment is also emphasized. There are opportunities to witness instructional presentations from experts in fire-making, navigation, wood-carving, and many other outdoors skills. Cooking and first-aid are also priorities for teaching, and students who attend will soon be able to become CPR certified.

TEDx Club
TEDx Regis is a club for students to express their knowledge to their peers. Discussion topics range from analysis of complex political issues to historical presentations and popular culture. Recent talks include remarks on the Mexican Drug Economy and a presentation on land use in China.

Videography Club
Videography Club is Regis's filmmaking and video recording organization. Meetings typically consist of members giving presentations on various filmmaking techniques, as well as spending time in meetings to work on any creative film project, collaborative or independent. The club also works with other clubs and organizations to record events and meetings. We also organize our own events, such as film screenings and film festivals.

Young Democrats and Republicans
Young Democrats and Republicans is the favorite club of Regis’s politically minded. Meeting every Friday morning with fresh donuts, YDR discusses the latest in public policy, elections, and the state of American politics. YDR welcomes guest speakers throughout the year and hosts lively meetings in the Large Conference Room. Though the current political climate is rife with opportunities to divide, the bipartisan spirit in YDR has only increased our interest and commitment to the world of politics.