Belonging, Dignity, and Justice
A Message From the Director
Dear Regis Community,

I am honored to serve as the first Director of Belonging, Dignity, and Justice at Regis High School.

Belonging, Dignity, and Justice (BDJ) is integral to learning and formation at a Jesuit institution, with the Grad at Grad calling our students to be Open to Growth and Committed to Doing Justice. As we prepare Regians to become tomorrow's leaders, we know that they will live and work in a more diverse world with new and evolving social and moral challenges. The Catholic formation and world-class education they receive during their four years on 84th Street will enable them to thrive in this environment and to serve the greater good, and a thoughtful focus on belonging, dignity, and justice is an important element of the foundation our school provides for its students.

In conjunction with the curriculum they will see in their daily classes, and through school events, assemblies, Christian service, and extracurricular activities, Regians are called to examine social justice issues not only on a national level, but on a global level as well. It is important to understand and reflect on what is going on in our world so we can take action and, in the words of St. Ignatius, “go set the world on fire.”

In my career at various Jesuit institutions, one of the things I have realized is that belonging, dignity, and justice work looks very different at each of our brother and sister schools as it is shaped by the specific members of each of these communities. At Regis, all faculty, staff, and students are responsible for advancing the commitment to this important work, and we all will have a hand in defining and developing it.

Of course, we have partners in this effort beyond those who commute to the Upper East Side each weekday morning. We are grateful to be supported by the Board of Trustees, parents and guardians, and our alumni as we work to ensure that all members of this community feel a true sense of belonging. For Regians, that means a lifelong connection to one another.

I look forward to our shared work in order to advance our mission and the vision of our Foundress. AMDG.


Belkise Dallam

Belonging, Dignity, and Justice