Club Sports/Activities

Badminton Club
Badminton Club is a laid-back and easygoing club for Regians who want to de-stress, have some fun, and make some friends. It’s free to join regardless of skill level. Diesel Club (Weightlifting and Bodybuilding) Diesel Club is where the hardworking Regis mind goes to rest and the body takes over. We are a community welcome to everyone, no matter where they are in their journey to swoleness. Encouraging each other and bonding over a love of weights and calisthenics, Diesel Club is a strong brotherhood.

Flag Football Club
Flag Football Club allows members of the student body to play football against each other throughout the school year. Students from all grades come together to toss the pigskin around and have a good time. Everyone tries to recreate what they see the pros and top college players do on the weekends, but against their friends. The competitive atmosphere translates into good games of football and, more importantly, a fun time.

Hockey Club
Hockey Club meets every Friday to play floor hockey in the Lower Gym. Everyone is welcome to come and play, with no experience necessary.

Lacrosse Club

Quidditch Club
Quidditch is a fictional sport from the Harry Potter universe, but it’s been adapted for muggle colleges and communities across the globe. In a typical game, the “chasers” score points with a volleyball called the “quaffle,” while the “keepers” defend their goal hoops. The “beaters” use dodgeballs called “bludgers” to disrupt the flow of the game. Regis’s Quidditch Club mixes the athletically-inclined with those who prefer to stick to the books, creating a unique community where all are welcome.

Soccer Club
Soccer Club is a place to play soccer recreationally on Friday mornings before school. We sometimes watch the most important games of the year together, allowing students who may not be able to view these games to see them.

Tchoukball Club
Tchoukball Club is a club that really unites students. Every Thursday before school, stressed Regians get together and play a sport not many ever have. Being such a foreign sport, it adds a spice to the club that is unrivaled. Everyone who plays loves it!

Tennis Club
Tennis Club is for any tennis players or students interested in getting into the sport. During the fall and spring, we hold regular outings at the Central Park tennis courts after school. We're open to all skill levels — beginners, casual players, and competitors. During these hitting sessions, we socialize, practice our tennis skills, and do a healthy amount of competing with each other. In the winter, we utilize the Regis gyms for student tennis clinics, and looking forward, we're hoping to do some tennis outings with other schools.

Ultimate Frisbee Club
The Ultimate Frisbee Club meets every week to play the great sport of ultimate frisbee. As the club counterpart to the Ultimate Frisbee team, it’s a place that welcomes members of all skill levels. Every week the club meets in the Upper Gym to run drills and play in scrimmages, with the occasional excursion to Central Park or Van Cortlandt Park to practice outdoors. Whether you are a varsity athlete or someone who has never held a frisbee before, the Ultimate Frisbee Club is the place to learn and enjoy the game.