Culture and Identity Clubs

Asian Cultural Society
Asian Cultural Society is a space where students of any kind can freely express themselves through a lens that brings awareness to Asian-American Identity. Our activities include, but are not limited to, learning about and celebrating different Asian cultures, advocating for AAPI awareness, and hosting delicious Asian-themed potlucks.

Diversity Club
Diversity Club is Regis’s original space for open discussion and cultural reflection. Diversity Club works to discuss and celebrate the diversity of Regis High School. Its goal is to encourage talks about who we are as a community through Cultural Awareness for Everyone (CAFE) Conversations, cultural events such as an International Week, and other activities that vary from year to year. In a time that sees significant social change, Diversity Club hopes to help Regians view racial and cultural strife carefully and intelligently.

Gaelic Society
Gaelic Society focuses on current Irish events and heritage, with the goal of creating a space to express and experience Irish culture. It is rather casual and is simply a place to hang out and meet friends and countrymen. The club has merch contests and design processes, trivia, donuts, and the occasional school trip.

German Club
German Club is the collection of Regis’s Deustchschüler and meets regularly to investigate and celebrate German culture.

Heritage/Black Student Union
Since the 1970s, Regis's Heritage/Black Student Union (BSU) has cultivated a safe affinity space for Regis's Black and Latino student population. We provide students access to the educational, social, and emotional resources necessary for navigating and overcoming the rigors of Regis. Heritage/BSU meets weekly to discuss how sensitive matters like race, class, power, and culture affect our identities inside and outside Regis. These conversations inspire us to tackle racial issues within the broader school community. We give students opportunities to travel to Washington, D.C, meet with affinity clubs from our sister and brother schools, and engage in celebrations during Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month. Heritage/BSU is a family grounded in tradition, camaraderie, and brotherhood, building many relationships that transcend years beyond graduation.

Hesperia (Italian Cultural Society)
Ciao amici! Hesperia is Regis’s Italian cultural society. In Hesperia, members explore various aspects of Italian culture such as food, art, and values. This club celebrates Italian culture but it is not restricted to Italians — anyone who wants can enjoy the club!

Prism (LGBTQ+ Group)
Prism is the Regis LGBTQ+ and allies organization, dedicated to developing acceptance and awareness for the queer community within the school and beyond our 84th Street walls. We provide support and guidance to the LGBTQ+ community as an open resource for anyone at Regis, as well as through outreach programs and advocacy. We hold a variety of interscholastic events, go on group trips, work with LGBTQ+ support and advocacy organizations, and attend events such as the annual AIDS Walk. The core of Prism is our weekly Thursday meeting during community time where we hold discussions over a variety of complimentary snacks.

Slavic Society
The Slavic Cultural Society at Regis seeks to celebrate and raise awareness about any and all things Slavic, especially the histories, geographies, and cultures of places like Poland, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, and many other countries. The club loves holding trivia bowls, watching movies, discussing current affairs, and even going out to enjoy traditional foods.

Spanish and Latin American Cultural Society (SLACS)
SLACS is Regis’s Spanish and Latin American Cultural Club. The club’s mission is to celebrate and take pride in Latino culture. The club hosts monthly meetings and cultural events with food, music, and cultural activities to celebrate occasions such as Hispanic Heritage Month and International Week and to raise money for Latin American nonprofits.