The Regis Language Department maintains offerings in modern European languages as well as Latin and Mandarin Chinese. French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Latin have been available to students for a four-year course of study. Once a student has begun to study a language, he is expected to complete three years of study in that one language. A fourth year of language study is available as an elective. If a student has previously studied a particular language in his middle school years, a placement exam is given to determine his level at Regis. In the senior year third-trimester academic program, students may be able to take certain accelerated, beginning-level courses in modern and classical languages. In the past, the languages offered in this third-trimester senior elective format have included Mandarin Chinese, French, classical Greek, biblical Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Russian, and Tagalog.

All foreign languages are useful and fascinating to learn. They serve as bridges to other cultures and ways of thinking, and often they are also links to our own religious and political history, as is the case with the classical European languages. Students who choose modern languages attend classes in which all four communicative skills are emphasized from the first day: Speaking ability, listening comprehension, reading proficiency, and writing skills. They learn about the cultures and traditions of the countries which speak the languages they are studying. Students of Latin learn to translate Roman texts about literature, politics, and philosophy. They also learn about Roman history and society, and the role played by Rome in the rise of Christianity. Students of Latin study mythology and the etymology of words in the modern European languages, many of which have their roots in ancient Latin and Greek expressions.