The Science Department of Regis High School seeks to promote scientific knowledge and an appreciation for the scientific method. Science education at Regis stimulates in our students the ability to develop mathematical models to describe natural phenomena and encourages mastery of critical thinking skills. Students study biology, chemistry, and physics in their freshmen, sophomore, and junior years, respectively. All classes are considered “honors” level or higher.  

The freshman Biology course introduces the students to basic biological concepts via laboratory experimentation and reading. The life processes common to all living things will be studied in detail, and the relationship of organisms to one another and to their environment will be explored. The sophomore Chemistry course deals with all of the substances that make up our environment and the changes these substances undergo. The emphasis is away from purely descriptive chemistry and the accumulation of a large number of facts, toward chemical principles and the systematic development of the relation between experiment and theory. The course is organized around a central theme: the properties of matter are a consequence of structure.  

The junior course is a survey course in introductory physics. The emphasis of the course is on problem solving and the relationship between theory and experiment. Students will become comfortable with the proper vocabulary of physics; they will learn how to verbally and mathematically state the basic laws of physics, including the physical evidence in support of these laws, and will become familiar with problem-solving in the field of physics. Seniors can choose from Advanced Biology, Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Physics, and Introduction to Psychology.  

Regis sophomores that demonstrate exceptional interest and initiative can apply to take the Science Research Project, an additional class beyond their required course of study which can continue through senior year. This independent class is research and lab-oriented, requiring students to study under mentors inside and/or outside of Regis.