Junior Year

Reaching the mid-point now of his Regis career, the 11th-grader will find his courses challenging him in new and rich ways, as his teachers will expect a fluency in critical thinking and a more mature approach to learning. His Physics course will depend heavily on his previous years’ training in mathematics and will encourage him to apply his problem-solving skills to abstractions. With the introduction to trigonometry and probabilities, his Pre-Calculus course will require more rigorous thinking and attention to details. In his 11th-grade Theology course, he will apply the previous years’ education in the Catholic faith and the Bible to contemporary questions of ethics and social justice. Both his English and European History teachers will help him strengthen his analytical skills, as he navigates the cross-currents between British-Irish literature and European political movements. Potentially now in his final year of a foreign language, he will be speaking with greater fluency in class, reading literature in that language, and following along in classes instructed almost entirely in his chosen language. In the spirit of the cura personalis mission, trimester-long Fine Arts courses in music theory, studio art, and art history will introduce him to a wider range of expressions – as both objects of study and as ways of engaging his own creativity. Finally, for eighty minutes every week, he will further develop his athletic skills and cardiovascular endurance in his physical education class.