REACH Collegian - Summer 2023
REACH Mission
REACH, through a transformative middle school program, empowers high-achieving young men from underserved communities as Catholic leaders committed to faith, scholarship, and service. A summer and Saturday access program run through Regis High School, REACH serves students whose families demonstrate significant financial need. REACH currently serves 144 students from the 6th to 8th grade, with the ultimate aim of placing each student in a Catholic high school with a scholarship or financial aid. In keeping with the 450-year old Jesuit educational tradition that honors cura personalis, REACH serves its students and alumni by caring for their intellectual, spiritual, emotional and social development.
Summer Session
REACH is seeking motivated young men who are in college for employment in its summer sessions. Collegians serve as student dorm prefects, advisement group leaders, study skills teachers, academic advisors, and recreation activity directors. Most importantly, they serve as mentors to their advisees.

This year, the summer session consists of a 3-week academic term at either the University of Scranton (for our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Year students) or either Regis High School or Fordham Prep (for our Candidates). Both camps occur from (July 6 – July 27). Collegians work only these three weeks. As of now, we are preparing to staff Collegians at Scranton, but there is a chance that some are staffed at either Regis or Fordham.

Collegian Role & Position Qualifications**
**COVID-19 Disclaimer: At the moment, we are planning to hire our summer staff in preparation for a REACH Summer at Scranton and Regis. Though a change is unlikely at this point, the availability of Fordham's campus is subject to change given the evolving circumstances of the pandemic. Regardless of Fordham's availability, we will still employ Collegians this summer. We are grateful for your flexibility, and we will keep you informed of updates as they arise. It is required that you are vaccinated for COVID-19 to apply.

Collegians are enormously important to the successful functioning of REACH. Each Collegian supervises a group of approximately twelve REACH students, leading them through their daily academic and recreational schedules. As a role model, the Collegian is the person with the greatest personal contact with REACH students and direct influence on his students in their formation as reflective servant-leaders. He serves as a central link between the students and the REACH Director, Assistant Director, Deans, and Faculty. The position, therefore, requires a great deal of personal responsibility and commitment to the mission of the program.

Qualified candidates will exhibit the following characteristics: a heightened sense of responsibility, demonstrated leadership ability, an understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity, social maturity, high self-initiative, a good collegiate academic record, and the ability to work well within a dynamic teamwork setting. Patience, empathy, compassion, hard work, a sense of humor, and personal flexibility are essential to this role. Though not required, REACH prefers applicants with the following additional characteristics: experience working with middle school students, lifeguard/water safety certification, proficiency in Spanish, and particular skills, talents or interests that can be shared with students.

Compensation & Application Timeline
This position pays $2,000.00 for the 3-week session. Collegians working at the University of Scranton will be provided with room and board at no cost, whereas Collegians working at Regis High School would be expected to commute to and from Regis. All program specific transportation is covered.

There will be three deadlines to apply to become a REACH Program Collegian:

Deadline #1: Friday, March 10 @ 11:59pm
Deadline #2: Friday, April 14 @ 11:59pm
Deadline #3: Friday, May 12 @ 11:59pm

All interested applicants must complete the REACH Collegian Supplement. Please contact REACH Scranton Co-Director, Mr. Prince Hunt, if you have any questions. Positions will be filled as qualified applicants are interviewed, which may happen prior to the last deadline listed above. Please apply as early as your schedule allows.

For more information on these or other employment opportunities, contact:

Mr. Prince Hunt
REACH @ Scranton Co-Director
(917) 795-9208 (Call or Text)

Regis fosters an inclusive environment where we recruit and retain highly talented staff with differing abilities and who maintain a belief in the critical importance of diversity in the life of a school. Regis is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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