Regis Launches Rise Mentoring Program

Regis yesterday formally launched its Rise mentoring program, an initiative that pairs Regians who will be first-generation college students with alumni who can provide support and guidance as they prepare for life beyond 84th Street. Led by Dean of Students Mr. Brian Robinson, the program will also focus on success in different areas of the corporate marketplace.

"Creating equity in education is a responsibility, an obligation, and a privilege," said Mr. Robinson. "Our desire is to ensure that first-generation college-bound students have the tools and guidance necessary to navigate the complex path of higher education."

In addition to his role at Regis, Mr. Robinson sits on the board of directors at Cento Amici, an organization that supports education in New Jersey. As a student, he'd been the first scholarship recipient from Cento Amici to attend St. Peter's Prep in Jersey City.

Rise is a partnership between the Office for Belonging, Dignity, and Justice and the Student Life Office. Regis alumni will facilitate a group mentoring environment to help participants navigate their future scholastic pursuits and professional endeavors. Sophomores were invited to be a part of Rise's inaugural class, and the alumni will also help these participants provide support for future Rise students.

"The students are really excited about the program, and they will be helping us to build Rise and eventually be mentors for future generations of Regians," said Ms. Belkise Dallam, Regis's Director of Belonging, Dignity, and Justice.

Posted: 2/9/24