English Department Hosts Faculty Reunion
From left: Ms. Rebecca Fitle, Mr. William Hanlon '04, Mr. Christopher Rose, Ms. Teresa Moriarty, Dr. Allison Tyndall, Mr. Kurt Thiemann, Jerry Kappes '52, Chris Reisig '00, Mr. Malik Henry, and John Mullin '66

Regis's English Department on Friday welcomed several former faculty members back to 84th Street for a reunion. Organized by department chair Dr. Allison Tyndall, the reunion gave former faculty members the opportunity to sit in on classes throughout the afternoon and swap stories after school with current English teachers. Four former faculty members — all Regis alumni — were in attendance: Jerry Kappes '52, John Mullin '66, Chris Reisig '00, and James Kennedy '02.

"When I was hired in the spring of 2018 by Dr. John Tricamo, he was here for 47 years, and that was part of the attraction of this institution," said Dr. Tyndall. "There are these pillars here and something to latch on and subscribe to that is long-standing and bigger than me."

The former faculty members were able to observe freshmen covering Shakespeare's Macbeth and juniors discussing Shelley's Frankenstein, along with sophomore and junior writing workshops.

John Mullin '66 and Chris Reisig '00 observing Ms. Teresa Moriarty's freshmen discussing Macbeth

"I sat in on a junior class and a freshman class, and I was amazed at how incredibly good they were," said Mullin. "The teachers were terrific, and in the conversations and discussion, the kids were tremendously articulate. They had all kinds of perceptions about what they were reading, and they were right on top of it."

The former faculty members in attendance taught students from as far back as 1957 and as recently as 2017.

"It's wonderful to be back in the building and watch the next generation of Regians in the classroom," said Reisig. "It is humbling to think about the time you spent here and to think about the privilege it is to work with students as they learn."

From left: James Kennedy '02, Jerry Kappes '52, and Principal Mr. Charles Heintz

Posted: 11/20/23