Students Launch The Pigeon , a Magazine About Service

Regis’s extensive collection of student-run publications has grown by one. This month, a group of 11 writers and three editors released the first edition of The Pigeon, a magazine about the service projects students have worked on over the past school year. Fourteen service projects were featured in the inaugural issue. “I hope these articles inspire you to further your engagement in the various service experiences at Regis,” wrote Aidan Puma '23 in the issue’s introduction.

The Pigeon is the newest of Regis’s student-run, avian-titled magazines and newspapers. These include The Owl student newspaper, as well as The Falcon (sports), The Raven (poetry), The Crow (op-eds), The Flamingo (comedy), and The Eagle (social justice and diversity).

The pigeon was purposely chosen as the titular bird for Regis’s service population by editors Puma, Antonio Lobaccaro '23, and Leonardo Lobaccaro '23. In addition to pigeon’s biblical significance and history of utility, Puma writes in his introduction, “We also encounter various people who society treats like pigeons — those who are often forgotten, misunderstood, and ignored. Our mission as writers of The Pigeon, members of Catalyst and Campus Ministry, and students of Regis, is to serve, to humanize and to give voice to those who are treated as pigeons.”

Among the stories in The Pigeon’s inaugural issue are Leonardo Lobaccaro writing on his experience with the Zotung Refugee Catholic Learning Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Austin González Jr. '24 on visiting the Mexican border through the Kino Border Initiative to learn about the immigration crisis, and Aaron D’Souza 25’s essay on this year’s John Francis Regis Day, a yearly social justice initiative at Regis.

“This year, Regians in all four grades have stepped up to engage in a variety of service initiatives beyond their service requirement with a passion and a commitment that I had not seen previously in my time at Regis," said Leonardo Lobaccaro. “The Pigeon was a natural response to that — an effort to share the amazing experiences Regians have had doing service and give voice to the people we serve."

Posted: 4/28/23