Steven Shekane '93 Speaks to Class of 2021 at the Annual Senior-Alumni Celebration

On Tuesday, June 1, Managing Director of Constitution Capital Partners Mr. Steven Shekane ’93 delivered an address to the Class of 2021 ahead of their graduation. Conversing with seniors as part of this year’s Senior-Alumni Celebration, Shekane spoke of the value the Regis alumni network has played in his personal and professional development, encouraging the soon-to-be graduates to cherish this community and consider the ways they can continue this legacy of brotherhood, mentorship, and service as they leave 84th St.

Prior to joining Constitution Capital Partners in 2017, Shekane served as a founding member and senior investment professional at Morgan Stanley, responsible for the origination, execution, and portfolio monitoring of privately negotiated middle market credit investments. Shekane has also served as Vice President of Morgan Stanley’s North American Leveraged and Acquisition Finance group, and has gained experience working in finance for companies like Bank of America, BNP Paribas, and The Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Shekane earned his MBA from Columbia Business School, and completed undergraduate studies in Economics and History at the University of Pennsylvania.

A first-generation American raised by Egyptian immigrant parents, Shekane talked about what Regis had gifted him with from the moment he was accepted to the time he stepped away from 84th St. “I did well academically and participated in a number of extracurricular activities. I matured, became more independent and made a number of very close friends with diverse backgrounds," Shekane said. “Regis taught me how to be an independent thinker, how to be both intellectually curious and intellectually honest, how to ask thoughtful, probing questions in search of the right answer, and how to respect different points of view."

Since his own graduation almost 30 years ago, Shekane said he has been awed by the strength, compassion, and connectivity of the Regis alumni community. “What I’ve found interesting about the Regis brotherhood and bond is that it transcends graduating classes," Shekane said. “Yes we all shared a common experience here at Regis, but I think most of us have a unique way of thinking, a sense of humor that we can all understand, a mutual respect and a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that allows us to form friendships with each other rather easily."

Shekane concluded his remarks with some final words of advice for the Class of 2021, who will soon step out to new experiences in college and beyond.

“While you can not have another high school experience, you will have one relatively carefree summer before you start college. Make the most of it. Make the most of your college experience, " Shekane said. “Remember that you’re only being asked to go to class for about 15 hours a week before going out in the world and working 50-80 hours. Study hard, meet as many people as possible, have loads of fun and experience as much as you can as you change the world for the better."

Posted: 6/8/21