Regians Discuss Mental Health on St. John Francis Regis Day

The Regis community joined together on Thursday for St. John Francis Regis Day, an annual initiative meant to inspire Regians to engage more deeply with contemporary social-justice issues. This year, students, faculty, and staff discussed issues on the theme of mental health.

The day began with a school-wide assembly hosted by students as well as staff from the Office of Belonging Dignity, and Justice. During their remarks, the group spoke about how mental health is a critical matter in our everyday lives and also in the framework of belonging, dignity, and justice.

Following the assembly, attendees had the opportunity to attend breakout sessions around the building to delve into various topics regarding mental health. Ranging from dealing with loss, transitioning to college life, and sports psychology, the sessions presented the opportunity for dialogue with other members of the Regis community as well as industry experts. In a breakout session titled "Pressure Cooker," Mr. Ankur Jain, the president of Tabor Asset Management, spoke about the lack of mental health awareness in the finance industry.

"The thing I learned the hard way was that self-love and a confidence in yourself is incredibly important," said Jain. "Of course, we have to continue the trend of checking in with one another, especially when going through high stress situations."

The conclusion of the breakout sessions saw student club-led discussions focusing on how their clubs and mental health intersect. Expanding on the day's programming, the clubs spoke on a variety of topics including mental health in the music industry, the LGBTQ+ community, and Christian service projects.

Posted: 5/9/24