Regis and Dominican Academy Join Together for Annual Walkathon

Students from Regis and Dominican Academy on Friday participated in the annual Walkathon. The day saw students, faculty, and staff come together to show school spirit and take part in a full slate of activities back on 84th Street after their walk through Central Park.

The Walkathon is a Student Government-run initiative meant to strengthen the school community and encourage Regians to reflect on the generosity that has kept Regis tuition-free since its founding. It’s the one time each year students are asked to fundraise for Regis, and they share the story of the school with neighbors, parishioners, and family members as they seek donations.

Following the walk, members of both schools' communities returned to Regis, where the Student Government planned an afternoon of activities including kickball, Spikeball, board games, and Mario Kart. In the Quad, students enjoyed a barbeque, then had an opportunity to dunk faculty members in the always popular dunk tank.

"Seeing this many people in the Quad, all so eager to have a good time and show their support for their school, is a great feeling" said Regis Student Government President Silas Nwaishienyi ’24. "It shows that all the hard work that both Dominican Academy and Regis put in really paid off for a great day."

Posted: 5/3/24