Regians Take Part In Students of Color Retreat

On Tuesday, March 15, a contingent of Regians participated in the school’s first-ever retreat for students of color. Developed in collaboration with Xavier High School and both schools' DEI efforts, the retreat allowed students to reflect on their individual identities, helping to strengthen self and community.

“Considering that this was the first of its kind, the Pamoja Retreat was a real enlightening experience," said Silas Nwaishienyi '24. “Not only did I personally grow holistically, but I also grew the bonds between a few students of Xavier and strengthened preexisting bonds between my fellow schoolmates. Overall, 10/10 retreat; would definitely do it again."

The Pamoja retreat, named for the Swahili word for “together,” was created with a focus on the Grad at Grad tenet of being Open to Others. Inviting Regians to connect with fellow Jesuit high school students, the experience provided a space to explore one’s relationship with God, considering all the ways in which he moves uniquely within each of us.

“What a great experience to see the students from two of our city’s Jesuit high schools bond during this retreat," said Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Ms. Belkise Dallam. “Although our schools and students may be different, students from both institutions bonded over shared experiences and shared Ignatian language. It was also important for their growth in terms of their connection to God and we provided different outlets for that to happen; whether through meditation, prayer, and even yoga. I think I can speak for myself and the other facilitators when I say that we are excited for this to grow and become an annual retreat.”

Posted: 3/21/22