Office Personnel

President's Office
Mr. Christian Talbot (Interim President)
Mr. Joseph Amatrucola (Vice President for Operations)
Mr. Kevin Bannon (Director of Finance)
Ms. Belkise Dallam (Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)
Ms. Viorica Minca (Controller)
Ms. Rachel Rivin (Director of Human Resources)
Ms. Elisa Zamora (Administrative Assistant to the President)

Principal's Office
Fr. Anthony Andreassi, CO (Principal)
Ms. Silvia Gerber (Office Manager)
Ms. Marilyn Mezo (Administrative Assistant)
Dr. Ralph Nofi (Assistant Principal for Academics)

Admissions Office
Mr. Eric DiMichele (Director of Admissions)
Ms. Mary Henninger (Admissions Officer)
Mr. Jeffrey Suliveres (Associate Director of Admissions)

Campus Ministry Office
Fr. James Ferus, SJ (Director of Mission and Identity)
Mr. Marselys Lucero (Director of Social Justice Initiatives)
Mr. Edwin Ortiz (Campus Minister)

Development Office
Mr. James Kennedy (Vice President for Development)
Ms. Kiera Bader (Development Coordinator)
Mr. Kevin Brennan (Director of Communications)
Ms. Diane Brush (Events Manager)
Ms. Magda Correa (Executive Assistant)
Ms. Caitlin Devine Masserano (Annual Fund Director)
Ms. Megwin Hoopes (Director of Major Gifts)
Ms. Catherine McCordick (Director of Foundations and Major Gifts Officer)
Mr. John Morin (Communications Associate)
Ms. Jennifer Reeder (Database Manager)
Mr. Gerardo Russo (Director of Alumni Relations)

Mr. David O'Halloran (Director of Facilities)
Mr. Kevin Devine (Facilities Tradesperson)
Mr. Richard Bermudez (Custodian)
Mr. Pierre Jean Claude (Custodian)
Mr. Anthony Keith (Custodian)
Ms. Christine Badi (Director of Guidance)
Mr. Edmund Dee (Guidance Counselor)
Mr. Christopher Febles (Guidance Counselor)
Ms. Belinda Hamer (Administrative Assistant)
Ms. Teresa O'Gorman (Guidance Counselor)
Ms. Margarita Peterson (Director of College Counseling)
Mr. Jonathan Rivera (Alumnus Mentor)
Mr. John Sweeney (Alumnus Mentor)
Ms. Elena Troy (Guidance Counselor)

Information Technology
Mr. José Machuca (Director of Information Technology)
Mr. Christopher Croce (Software Developer/DBA)
Mr. Kaining Huang (Systems & Support Administrator)
Mr. Seamus Wiseman (Information Technology Associate)

Ms. Clair Quaintance (Library / Information Specialist)
Ms. Krystyna Poray Goddu (Library Aide)

Mr. Douglas Eickman (Director)
Mr. Axzyr De Leon (Dean of Mathematics)
Ms. Shannon Dey (Dean of English Language Arts)
Mr. Alan Garcia (Director of Recruiting and Admissions)

Regis Shop
Ms. Marie Griffin (Shop Manager)

Student Life Office
Mr. Christian Mariano (Assistant Principal for Student Life)
Mr. Vincenzo Guido (Hearn Fellow)
Mr. William Hanlon (Director of Athletics)
Ms. Ana Marcelo (Student Life and Operations Assistant)

Department Personnel

* Dept Chair