Regis Repertory

Regis Repertory functions as the organizational clearing house for major stage performances at Regis, coordinating efforts among varied production groups and co-curricular activities (e.g. Band/Chorus and Performance Production classes). Its object is to encourage and provide a home for dramatic and musical activities of all kinds. Student leadership in all technical areas and direction, as well as in performing, is key to the activity.


The Rep produces two (musical and dramatic) each year. Actors and singers are chosen by audition from all four years and from neighboring girls schools. Cast size varies from play to play. Rehearsals typically occupy eight weeks before each show. The major Fall and Spring productions are supplemented by a variety of smaller works presented as the opportunity arises. The hallmark of dramatic productions is that students are encouraged to take on non-acting design and production roles; co-directors, set designers, and lighting designers are required for each show.

Band and Chorus

Band and Chorus are offered as co-curricular activities beginning in freshman year. Students may receive academic credit for their participation in the band, starting in sophomore year. As of this year, the band has 42 members and the chorus counts 34 members, including girls from neighboring schools. The academic schedule for band includes one class within the school day as well as rehearsals held mornings and afternoons. As part of Regis Rep, the band serves to accompany the fall musical. The instrumental and vocal ensembles join together to present a concert each Spring, exploring a variety of musical styles. Students join the ensemble by audition, and both ensembles can accommodate a variety of instrumentalists and singers.

Stage Crew/Technical Staff

The staff and crew run all technical aspects of the house, including the computerized lighting system and sound equipment. The crew and staff work throughout the year in tasks as varied as building sets, hanging and programming lights, creating special effects, coordinating shows and serving as technical staff for productions (stage managers, lightboard operators, technicians). Members have creative run of the stage and backstage areas and all equipment

Production Staff

The Production Staff manages all non-performance aspects of the Repertory and House. These include publicity and advertising, ticket sales, house management for performances, and creative approaches for encouraging student involvement and as wide as possible a use of the resources Regis possesses. The process is akin to managing a production company and encourages students to develop business sense and cooperation to make performance activities possible.