Senior School Counseling

The senior year school counseling program focuses primarily on preparing the student for life beyond Regis. For nearly all our students this means a four-year college or university setting. In light of this, the formal large group sessions focus on college-related issues ranging from the mechanics of the application process to the transition to college life. The goal is to teach students how to investigate and explore an appropriate range of colleges, based on the core belief that college admissions is a match to be made rather than a prize to be won. An appropriate college then is understood to be one which matches a given student's goals, needs, interests, and abilities.

Students are challenged to reflect on their own goals and ambitions in a serious manner and to apply to a list of schools that best suit their needs, strengths and interests. Each student is challenged to choose a balanced final list of colleges where each school is viewed as a real choice. While he may have preferences among the colleges on his list, each college must be a place that he could see himself attending.

Individual meetings are also a crucial component of the senior school counseling program. Each senior continues his relationship with his assigned college advisor from junior year, who will serve as his school counselor for the senior year. The two-year relationship will allow the counselor to both counsel the student on college-related issues, as well as academic and personal issues not specifically related to the college process.

Topics in the senior year group sessions include the following throughout the year:

  • Overview of College Counseling Seminar and Upcoming Due Dates and Deadlines
  • College Information Sessions at Regis and Campus Visits
  • Naviance and Common App
  • Transcript Request Forms and Teacher Recommendation Request Forms
  • Scholarship Calendar
  • Transcript Review
  • College Application, Self-reported Academic Record, and Resume Work
  • Health and Well-being Activities
  • Essay Peer Review Workshop
  • FAFSA, CSS Profile, and Scholarship Applications
  • Final College List Reflection
  • College Interviews
  • Third Trimester Options
  • How Colleges Decide
  • Early Action/Early Decision Results Form and Career Day
  • Range of Results, Waitlists, and Gap Year
  • Transitioning to College