America Media Discusses Church Abuse with Seniors

As Catholics across the country are reeling from the recent disclosures of past abuses committed by members of the clergy and the catastrophic failure of many of the Church's leaders to protect the most vulnerable among us, Regis welcomed editors from America Media to present their professional experiences reporting on the ongoing scandal.

The editors — Fr. Eric Sundrup, SJ; Tim Reidy; and Ashley McKinless — provided students with an overview of how the abuse scandal has been covered in the media during and since the reports that first rocked the Church in the early 2000s. Afterwards they answered a variety of questions from the students, which proved insightful and provided a platform for thoughtful dialogue on a difficult subject.

“I am very grateful that the three editors of America Media joined our seniors for this conversation on sexual abuse in the Church," said Rev. Daniel K. Lahart, SJ, President of Regis. “They helped to frame the issues and clarified fact versus fiction versus innuendo. Our seniors had great questions for them, and they left us with important resources as we all continue to deal with these issues."

Posted: 9/25/18